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About me

I hold a Level 6 (degree equivalent) qualification in Animal  Physiotherapy  - also known as Veterinary Physiotherapy - and am trained in a number of complementary techniques, for example the Masterson Method® (of which I am a Certified Practitioner), acupressure, laser therapy, myofascial release and many more!

My background in dressage training and judging, plus my training in saddle fitting, add an extra dimension to my work as a physiotherapist.

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My Story

My initial training was at the renowned Porlock Vale Equitation Centre and I continued to teach riders and train horses alongside my international career in the Diplomatic Service. This gave me some fantastic opportunities to see riding and management practices all over the world, the highlight being the chance to ride and train Trakehner stallions in Bulgaria under the tutelage of international rider/trainer/judge Dimitar Stoyanov.

Back in the UK and concentrating on horses full time, I worked as a dressage trainer and British Dressage

judge as well as enjoying time with my own horses. I found that the teaching so often turned into 'trouble-shooting' and my quest for knowledge has led me to qualify in Pilates to help riders, in saddle fitting to help assess saddle fit and suitability, and in horse massage and other techniques to help horses cope with their work.  Learning the Masterson Method® was a revelation and a joy, in seeing the effect that (often gentle) bodywork can have on horses. But, bitten by the training bug, I am always looking for more...Qualifying in animal physiotherapy was the next logical step in my journey and it means that I can help with more veterinary issues such as post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation. I continue to add to my knowledge and skills at every opportunity and I invest heavily in further training courses so that I can keep up to date and offer the best possible help to my clients' horses (and also because I love training courses!)

I have owned a variety of horses over the years (Irish, Trakehner, Lipizzaner, off-the-track TB and more...) Now I concentrate on helping other horses but I still enjoy a good ride over Exmoor or a spot of barrel racing or cattle penning in the Wild West!

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